Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 National Crochet Month Blog Tour

Once again we are participating in the Blog Tour sponsored by Crochetville.

This year the spotlighted charity is
Halos of Love

 They distribute caps and hats to cancer patients in 450 cancer treatment centers in the US each month. They accept donations of crocheted, knitted, and sewn hats. If you are interested in donating hats or money to help get the caps and hats distributed, please visit their websiteThey can be contacted at website link, Facebook page

I want to give you as many of my free patterns as possible so I  have busied myself today locating links to my published designs. They were published in Magazines and books and some are now available as free patterns from the companies that acquired them. So please click the link , and find some lovely things to create. They are also on my Ravelry page with links where applicable. If you would care to rate them and add pictures of your finished projects, I would be thrilled to see them.

For taking time to visit my blog I have a couple more free patterns for you. In additions to the ones already available on this site and at the links above I am adding: 
For a limited Time -
Spring Daisy Scarf’ - found at this link  
Floral Broach Hook Minder’ - found at this link  

Please follow the entire tour and I am sure you will learn many new techniques, acquire some lovely patterns, enter fun drawing and have a fantastic time. I encourage you to remember to click on the link to Halos of Love and do what you can for our friends and family coping with cancer.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


I received information via email a few days ago about the National Crochet Month Blog Tour. I participated in it last year and had such a good time following everyone's blogs. But I looked at my blog and found I have been so very remiss in posting my ideas and impressions of what is up in my crochet world.

LOL! What a segue I just gave myself, (yes completely accidentally). Look for my newest published pattern in Crochet World Magazine June 2014 Issue. At the risk of being boastful I will say that it is a very exciting piece to adorn oneself in at this summer's pool parties.  This picture of the yarn I used is the only hint. But isn't it scrumptious?

What else am I allowed to divulge about what my hook has been wrapped around? Humph, that is a hard question....thinking...
Well I have made a sweater and a shawl in some of the most exciting textured yarn. Yes, you guessed it. Can't tell you what yarn or which yarn company it is for, but I can tell you that they have made their way through tech editing and that I am on pens an needles waiting for them to be released.

Also exciting, to me anyway, is that I have purchased even more knit and crochet books from my trusty friends at Amazon but I think I will keep that info for a new blog next week. Fingers crossed that I am able to find the time. I need to update my bookshelf on Ravelry as well. That is a great way to keep them inventoried.

Until Then,
Be sure to follow the National Crochet Month Blog Tour throughout March. Here is the first link. Crochetville, who is sponsoring the tour. ENJOY!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free Pattern Bead and Thread Heart Ear Rings

This is the pattern I designed to teach a class for our local crochet guild.

You will learn to start with a bead in the center of you work and how to make picots as well as a basic heart motif enjoy.

Skill – Intermediate
#8 Pearl Cotton
3- 4mm beads
2 seed beads
#6/1.8mm steel hook
Picot Instructions
            Ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook, sl st in same st.
Long Picot instructions
            Ch 5, sl st in 3rd ch from hook, ch1, sl st in 1st ch of ch 5, sl st in same stitch.

Put beads on thread in this order - 1 seed bead on thread, followed by 1- 4mm, 1 seed bead, 2- 4mm beads; Push all but 1- 4mm bead up the thread length out of the way.

Round 1
Make beginning loop, ch5, sl st into 1st ch making a ring. Ch 1, 2 sc in ring, push 4mm bead into place against hook; [You are now using the tread from the opposite side of the bead], sl st.  Insert the bead into center of ring making sure that the working thread is on the working side of the ring. A thread gap should been seen on the right hand side of the bead. Insert hook in this gap and the ring. Make 2 sc, 1sc in ring only; join in Ch 1. (5sc, 1sl st) [sl st will be used as a sc]

Working in blo
rnd 2    Ch1, 1 sc in 1st sc, 4 sc in next sc, 4 sc in sl st [for stability work into lower chain as well], 4 sc in each of next 3 sc; join in ch1. (21 sc)
Working in blo
rnd 3    Ch1, 1sc in next sc, (2dc, 1 tr) in next sc; (2tr 1dc) in next sc; 1hdc in each of next 3 sc; 1 sc in each of next 3 sc; 1hdc in next sc, (1hdc, 1dc, 1hdc) in next sc; 1hdc in next sc, 1sc in each of next 3 sc; 1hdc in each of next 3 sc; (1dc, 2 tr) in next sc; (1tr, 2dc) in next sc, 1sc in next sc, Join.

Rnd 4  Ch3, sl st in same forming a ring; 1sc in each of next 3 st, 1 picot in same st; ch 3, ski next st, 1 sc in next, 1 picot in same;  [ch3, skip next 2 stitches 1sc in next, 1 picot in same] 3 Times; 1 sc in next st, 1 long picot in same, 1 sc in next, 1picot in same; [ch3, skip next 2 stitches 1sc in next, 1 picot in same] 4 Times; 1sc in each of next 3 st, 2sc in beginning ring; fasten off above beads, push beads into place, sew onto ear hook, re-thead through beads and weave in ends.

Optional - If desired sew beads to each picot

Friday, May 10, 2013

Against The Breakers

The Summer Issue of Crochet! Magazine will soon be on stands and available for download on line.
 I mention this event in way of introducing a pattern of my own that will be included in the magazine.  Continuing with the 'Four Elements' theme that the magazine has set as backdrop for 2013 selection of patterns, the summer issue is devoted to water and conjures thought of days along the beach and nights with cool breezes.
“Against The Breakers Cardi” is a Lacy summer sweater. It is made in medium weight Blue Lagoon Crystal Palace Cotton Twill. This cotton flowed through my fingers as I was constructing the cardigan. You will like it I'm sure. With basic stitch knowledge anyone can make this garment in a short time. Half double crochet stitches are worked to an interesting effect. 
Short row half double crochet triangular shapes are made one at a time in row, hence the idea of waves against the breakers. 
I am so excited that the e-magazine is on sale any day now and the print version is on sale by June 4th.  available on the CrochetMagazine website.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Roses and Lace Scarf - Free Pattern

 I am so honored to have one of my designs - Roses and Lace Scarf- offered by Crochet! and Crochet World Magazines as a free pattern in this months newsletter.

 Such wonderfully kind words offered by them as to the educational possibilities of this pattern. YES! Exactly what I designed it for. I am a teacher first in most areas of my life. When I am going to teach a new technique at a crochet guild meeting I make a pattern. That is where this one came into existence

 The scarf itself is a basic single crochet of 22 stitches over 106 rows worked with a size Q hook when we were learning big hook welding.

 The rose is worked in a length of decreasing number of double crochets, then rolled together to form the flower. And the spirals we were learning back loop only work.

 And the edging is reverse single crochet also called the crab stitch. It is one of my favorite edging techniques. This scarf is so very easy to make and lovely to wear. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the link to the newsletter and pattern:

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Happy National Crochet Month! 
              And Welcome to My Aunties Yarn Studio Blog!

As those who have been following the Blog Tour already know the lovely ladies at Crochetville have organized an amazing tour of designer blogs for you to enjoy during this auspicious month. The entire list and links to participants can be found on Crochetville’s blog at this link [BLOGTOUR]. 
We are also denoting 'Project NightNight' as our charity of the month. You can check them out at this link [NightNight]. If you are as blessed as I, and have warm beds to tuck your little ones into at night please consider donating to the comfort of a homeless child.

Here at M.A.Y.S. we hope to encourage you to bring out the big hooks or the tiny hooks and get your hands in some luscious yarn or beautiful thread and create something that makes your heart sing. March is indeed designated as National Crochet Month and the crochet world is crackling with ideas, demos, patterns, lessons, and give-a-ways to celebrate our favorite pass time. A quick online search will lay them all at your fingertips. We hope you like ours too:   A how-to and pattern for Baby Bullion Square 

Many think that a bullion stitch is way too difficult, and daunting to consider the repetition in making squares for afghan or garment. Here we have some short ‘baby bullions’ which your hook can glide through with ease.

A Couple helpful technique hints for drawing the thread or yarn through the bullion wraps:
1- Loose yarn- Make sure it isn't pulling roughly from the skein but has no resistance it  flows through your fingers
2- Warp – I let the hook do the work and twirl it around the yarn gathering up the number of wraps indicated. This keeps them loose. Push them down to the thickest part of the hook to loosen them up if you are not sure.
Pulling Through:
1- Using just the hook - After wrapping the strand around the thickest part of the hook, hold your index finger along the top, insert hook into designated stitch, draw up a loop, yo, and gently roll the strands forward with your index finger while you draw the hook through.
2-Make yourself a bullion tool
a. Cover the hook with a short piece of plastic tubing, wrap around the tubing, draw your yarn through the tubing then remove the tubing from the hook.
b. Attach a darning needle to a hook with tubing or plumbers tape.
Demos of these are on youtube by Theresa Richardson

OK the Square-
Baby Bullion Square
How To Bullion Stitch - (BS)- lightly wrap (YO) yarn around hook 5 times, insert hook into designated stitch, yo, draw yarn through stitch, yo, draw yarn through all loops on hook, 1ch to lock stitch
Materials I am using – Plymouth Yarn ‘Dreambaby’ DK Pastel Multi; hook
Gauge – Let’s not worry about that today just try to stay consistent. Mine measures approximately 3.5” square

Rnd 1   In a ring- 1sc (this locks the yarn so don’t count it) YO, 8 hdc in ring, join with slip stitch in 1st hdc.      (8hdc)

Rnd 2   Ch2, *BS in same hdc, 1hdc in same hdc, 1hdc in next hdc, repeat from * around; join with slip stitch in top of ch2.   (8BS, 16 hdc)

Rnd 3   Ch 5 (counts as 1sc and 4 ch), sc between next 2 hdc, ch 4, sc between next 2 hdc, repeat from * around; join with slip stitch in bottom of ch 5.   (8 ch 4 spaces)

Rnd 4   Slip stich into ch 4 space, ch3, [2 BS, ch2, 2BS, 1dc] in same chain space, 3 BS in next ch 4 space, *[1dc, 2 BS, ch2, 2BS, 1dc] in next chain space, 3 BS in next ch space; repeat from * around, join with slip stitch in top of ch3. 
[NOTE: the ch2 between 2BS will be a total of 3 as you make 1ch to finish of the previous BS]
 (7 BS, 2 dc between each ch2 space)

Rnd 5   Slip stitch in stitch and into ch space, [ch2, 1hdc, ch2, 2hd] in same space, 1hdc between each stitch across, *[2hdc, ch2, 2hd] in next ch space, 1hdc between each stitch across; repeat from * around, join with slip stitch in ch2.  (12 hdc between each ch2 space) 
Fasten off and weave in yarn.

I hope you enjoy making bullions now. 
I have a couple more free patterns that you can get if you go to my website:  . There is a pineapple bookmark, a knitted scarf (my first knitting pattern attempt) and a Ladybug Teapot Cozy. I made this for my daughter several years ago. There was some interest in the pattern at that time but I was so new at writing that I could use some help in making sure this old pattern works well. So if you make it leave me some feedback ok.
Take a look at the pics of some of my designs as well - I hope they inspire you create something new.

I am still growing in this endeavor and I welcome all the help I can enlist in making My Aunties Yarn Studio a success, as I fulfill my largest goal of teaching this wonderful art/craft to future generations thereby keeping it alive.
Thank you for stopping by and be sure to keep up with the tour everyday in March.
Happy Crocheting
Annette - KairNettaS

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Stitch – to me at least – The Long and Short of It

I came across a hat I crocheted and felted a couple years ago from yarn that I had spun.
It is a bit shorter than I would like so I started adding to the bottom.
I joined a strand of Crystal Palace TAOS and a strand of LB Amazing. I did a quick round of single crochets then started to make another of half double crochets but I wasn't happy with the gaps between stitches as the felting from before had those stitches quite tight.
What to do… I tried several things including front/back double crochets… almost but still not just right.
So I did a chain and went 2 rows lower and around the same stitch I had made the first single crochet in, drew up a stitch and made a single crochet. 

That left the chain 3 laying across the stitches which I didn't like, so I put the hook into the 1st chain of the chain three, and into the next single crochet, (the one directly above the lower single crochet) and did a slip stitch…. 

Chained Three then repeated the steps. SC in stitch 2 rows down, insert hook in 1st ch of ch3 and next sc, yo, slst, Ch 3.....Not bad. I have done several now and quite like it so thought I would share it with all of you. I know there are other long crochet stitches but I haven’t come across on just like this one. 

To continue the next round will need to be single crochets to give a repeat of the technique done below it.  I hope I like it well enough to keep it when I am done. I think I will call it ‘The Long & Short Stitch’ LOL.

I hope someone tries it and lets me know if it works for them as well