Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tambour Anyone

First a bit about Tambour embroidery:

It is worked with a special tool that is a bit like a crochet hook as it has a bend in the end to collect the yarn and pull it through the stitch. The tambour tool however, is sharper on the tip than the crochet hook as it is often pushed through fabric that is stretch in a hoop to make the stitch.

Tambour is the French term for 'drum' which is where this embroidery technique gets it's name. It was introduced to the French in in the 18th century by the Chinese. In China the technique is called Suzani 

There is an excellent YouTube tutorial for Tambour Embroidery by Mary Corbert- click the word tutorial to go there.

In crochet this technique is also referred to as Surface Crochet or Surface Slip Stitch 

Okay, now for the technique- 

Tambour chain is made on the top of the fabric with the working thread underneath.

Insert your hook into the desired stitch - catch the working yarn from underneath and pull up a loop; [note: you do not start with a loop on your hook- the first yarn drawn from the bottom is your starting point- Be sure to leave enough length in the waist yarn to weave through. (4"min)]- Insert the hook into the next stitch, catch the working yarn from underneath and draw through both the stitch and the loop on the hook, just like making a slip stitch. - Now your first stitch is made. Continue on in this manner. - I did find that at corners (and of course, I was working inside corners not outside as in usual edge techniques) - I found that it was unnecessary to make additional stitches in the corner stitch

This is what the stitch looks like from the top -
You can use this technique to make
any surface design

I added two row along the same path-
one of  the blue silk blend and
a second in the gold silk blend


As you can see in the previous post; it is large enough to wear as a wrap, but in the silk blends it is also lightweight enough to wear as a cowl or scarf.

I am going to really enjoy having this in my winter wardrobe.

Here again is the link to get my 'As You Like It" pattern from Coats and Clark as a free download.

I increased the size by 1/4th. Just keep the multiple of 3 + 2 rule when making your chain and you won't go wrong if you want to make a bigger version.


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