Sunday, March 9, 2014


I received information via email a few days ago about the National Crochet Month Blog Tour. I participated in it last year and had such a good time following everyone's blogs. But I looked at my blog and found I have been so very remiss in posting my ideas and impressions of what is up in my crochet world.

LOL! What a segue I just gave myself, (yes completely accidentally). Look for my newest published pattern in Crochet World Magazine June 2014 Issue. At the risk of being boastful I will say that it is a very exciting piece to adorn oneself in at this summer's pool parties.  This picture of the yarn I used is the only hint. But isn't it scrumptious?

What else am I allowed to divulge about what my hook has been wrapped around? Humph, that is a hard question....thinking...
Well I have made a sweater and a shawl in some of the most exciting textured yarn. Yes, you guessed it. Can't tell you what yarn or which yarn company it is for, but I can tell you that they have made their way through tech editing and that I am on pens an needles waiting for them to be released.

Also exciting, to me anyway, is that I have purchased even more knit and crochet books from my trusty friends at Amazon but I think I will keep that info for a new blog next week. Fingers crossed that I am able to find the time. I need to update my bookshelf on Ravelry as well. That is a great way to keep them inventoried.

Until Then,
Be sure to follow the National Crochet Month Blog Tour throughout March. Here is the first link. Crochetville, who is sponsoring the tour. ENJOY!

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