Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Stitch – to me at least – The Long and Short of It

I came across a hat I crocheted and felted a couple years ago from yarn that I had spun.
It is a bit shorter than I would like so I started adding to the bottom.
I joined a strand of Crystal Palace TAOS and a strand of LB Amazing. I did a quick round of single crochets then started to make another of half double crochets but I wasn't happy with the gaps between stitches as the felting from before had those stitches quite tight.
What to do… I tried several things including front/back double crochets… almost but still not just right.
So I did a chain and went 2 rows lower and around the same stitch I had made the first single crochet in, drew up a stitch and made a single crochet. 

That left the chain 3 laying across the stitches which I didn't like, so I put the hook into the 1st chain of the chain three, and into the next single crochet, (the one directly above the lower single crochet) and did a slip stitch…. 

Chained Three then repeated the steps. SC in stitch 2 rows down, insert hook in 1st ch of ch3 and next sc, yo, slst, Ch 3.....Not bad. I have done several now and quite like it so thought I would share it with all of you. I know there are other long crochet stitches but I haven’t come across on just like this one. 

To continue the next round will need to be single crochets to give a repeat of the technique done below it.  I hope I like it well enough to keep it when I am done. I think I will call it ‘The Long & Short Stitch’ LOL.

I hope someone tries it and lets me know if it works for them as well 


  1. I just saw this St. Patt. 3/26/13. I'll try it this evening. I'll let you know.

  2. Thank you Tracy. I appreciate all feedback.