Sunday, June 14, 2009

Skirt in Browns

So, I did not start the summer shell yet. Instead I designed a skirt for submitting to Tension Magazine.
Tension is a brand new online magazine. This will be the first issue and it will be out in September. There is lots of talk on Ravelry if you want to check them out.They had a quick call for submissions and I whipped this one up in a week.
I had taught a class on pattern reading on Monday and the two stitch patterns that the beginners were translating got into the design. They are easy to make and look so cute in the skirt. I hope the skirt is accepted for publication. Note that I can't post a pic of the finished skirt until I have heard form them. So just a peek at the hem.

The project that I had frogged is still waiting to be finished. I won't make it in time to submit it at Chain Link but that's OK too. I will be just as I want it to be and not hurried. It is for submission to Interweave Crochet Magazine. Luckily I have time to get it just right.

I start the last gig of the season next week. We will end the season with Legally Blond. I hear it is very good and a discently hard run. I like the quick changes. They are a challenge.

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