Friday, February 6, 2009

Opera Build

We are about half way through the build for the next opera. "The Elixer of LOVE". It opens on Valentines day. 1st fittings have all been done. There are still some questions about with bodices the female chores will ware so we are doing the alterations on the ones we have then if they do choose the other ones after first dress we will rush to do those alterations as well. LOTs of FUN for us. (and I do mean that sarcastically). I finished the wedding dress for the lead last night. Oh my did it turn out nicely. I wish I could post a picture but designs are copy righted and so I can't. It is a rental from the local Univesity, and I messed about with it a bit. I was only reworking it to fit the directors idea and the actresses body type and size. But I feel like a genius with a sewing machine at the moment.
We have to completly make the costumes for the kids. Luckly there are only four. The little boy will be a sinch, nickers (made from a pajama pattern so they just pull up and have suspenders, and a shirt with a mock vest. Easy Peasy. The little girls get period skirts and blouses with ruffles. petty coats with ruffles, and a fitted vest. Betty K, one of the other costumers is working her self hard to make them in record time.
1st dress is on Wed. of next week and here we are Friday already. It always turns out just fine but dooooo wish us God Speed.

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