Monday, August 31, 2015

A Fabulous Yarn Can Make a Simple Pattern Luxurious

I am using two silk blend yarns and they are making a simple pattern wonderfully exciting.

This is one of my current projects. 
I am teaching an intermediate crochet class at 'Strings Attached Yarns' in Dayton. 

We are using one of my published designs "As You Like it Wrap". I designed it a couple years ago for Coats and Clark. Here is a link to the free pattern: 

"As You Like It" is exactly what I meant when I designed this wrap. The pattern repeat is very easy so you can play around with color or yarn texture changes to suit your fancy. It is the perfect pattern for practicing yarn changing. (It always happens at the end of a row to so have no fears) Now the published pattern was worked with a tied yarn type so there are no instructions for changing yarn but it is just this easy-----

---Yarn Change ---In the last stitch of the row before the color change insert the hook in the 3rd chain of the 'chain 3 to turn' of the previous row, yarn over and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through first two loops on hook, (1/2 of the dc made) snip and drop the expired yarn, (leave a 4" yarn end) and yarn over with the new yarn and draw it through the last 2 loops on hook. -

 (Now I like to work over my expired yarns rather than sew them so I use my hook to draw them into the next stitch to anchor the ends the work over them across the row--if there are chain spaces to skip I draw the yarn ends through them so that they don't show) Continue working the rows in the new color or yarn scheme   

I hope you will try it in something soft and wonderful. Add some mohair, silk or cashmere, work the main body in wool blends or alpaca. I am sure you are going to love adding this wrap to your fall or winter wardrobe. As a fashion statement it is going to be wonderful. 

 I am going to enjoy wearing this wrap all fall and winter. Adding a brooch or shawl pin will be the perfect touch for accessorizing.

[Note it is easy to increase the length of this warp by maintaining a multiple of 3 + 2 in your beginning chain]