Thursday, May 24, 2012

Great Morning All. Introducing a new logo that, I have designed for
 'My Aunties Yarn Studio'. See at left. I like it a lot. I love calling my design self  'KairNettaS. It is very close to my real name (Karin Annette), but gives me a bit of anonymity.  Room to move around in as I work out design ideas to share with you all. I am trying to push myself toward being a business in earnest while letting the artist enjoy the process. I am having the time of my life with this, and must encourage others to stretch their creative branches as well. This is the Scary-est and the coolest  thing that I have ever endeavored.
Did you know there is an online fabric printer that will make fabric with your design. is an awesome site and they are on Facebook as well. Fabric has been order to be made with this image; to use as lining in the clutches and bags that I will be making from my own designs. Hand made treasures that will be rather one-of-a-kinds, as you know I cant bare to make the same thing twice, so they will all have a little something unique to themselves. How thrilling this all is. I am sure you will love the looks . I hope to have enough made and and the courage to place my babies on Esty soon.

More on the progress later.

March 1, 2013
WOW - Am I ever behind on my goal with this. I have some bags made and lined but as for putting them up for sale all I can say is I have let designing for pattern sales and my regular job, get in the way. Look for them there by next week. Pics to take and descriptions to write.