Monday, October 3, 2011

The Fine Art of Yarn Bombing

This past weekend I was honored to participate in The Big Breast - Global Yarn-bombing to bring awareness.
Our local group was from YaY (yarn and yack) from Kristi's tearoom.
The Oregon District we determined would be the the best place for them. We tried to secret our crochet or knit breast into out of the way nooks and carnies where they would be suddenly seen. However I had a large piece to place. When what did I see but a fine art gallery. At first I just passed the door and windows the turned around and went inside. I described what we were doing and ask if I could leave my last piece there. "Put it in that window", the proprietress said. And so now I have had my work 'Scarred Torso' in a fine art gallery. Good Times.