Friday, February 25, 2011

2011 Readers' Choice Awards DIY Fashion Finalists - Vote Now!

2011 Readers' Choice Awards DIY Fashion Finalists
- Vote! Voting closes March 8th. Click here to see finalist and cast your vote.

I have my favorites. Here are a couple of them

Favorite Handmade Artisan: Crochet Designs- Drew Emborsky

Not just hats and scarves- Drew is a fabulous crochet designer in every way. His clothing (for man, woman, and dog) are trendy and attractive. I would gladly wear his line. Hit the run way Drew you are so ready.

Favorite Fashion Blog -

One of the best I have been following. On trend and enjoyable to read. Great to see her pass on links that make her blog picks accessible. I am partial to the Lion Crest prints at Lolly

So here you have just a small sample of those up for awards. Go to and cast your vote.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Granny with an Edge

Now this is a great 'granny' coat with an edge.

I love how the shoulder details punch and cause awe. The use of color is mesmerizing.

Love it, Love i,t Love it.

See more from the 'House of Holland" Fall 2011 collection here,