Monday, September 27, 2010

A Great Summer

I had such a great summer. I designed the new artwork that will be on our shirts at the theater. What do you think. I kinda really like it, and what an honer to have my design worn by the whole wardrobe department.
I went to the TNNA conference in June. Which was wonderful and I met some wonderful people and made great connections. July was packed with travel for me, Chain Link early in the month. So very wonderful. I learned so much in the classes and had a great time all around. I had an outfit in the fashion show that was well received. I am thinking of putting that pattern up for sale on etse. Anyway, then I had an IATSE conference for work as I am the union president. And the month finished with an Irish festival locally. Then August started with another Irish festival. This one in Dublin Ohio. It was so much fun and they hired me to teach Irish Crochet. So I taught a rose pattern with clones knot edging. I also showed them how to do an Irish Rose. I sat through the other classes and learned so much. If you ever get a chance to be in Dublin Ohio in August this is a must to go to.

Now it's September and I am starting a build for the Opera. Actually the show costumes were pulled and we will alter them for each cast member. Sometimes it easier to start from scratch than to try to make it work.

I usually don't put up daily life stuff but I finally went to the Dr. concerning the pain in my leg that won't go away. My only advice (from experience) if you ever hyper extend you knee, get it checked out right away or other bad things will follow.

The seasons are already showing the coming change and it is wonderful. The cool air this morning is invigorating. If I could run I would be out jogging but as the knee and leg have me on restriction I will pour a hot cup a tea and crochet out in this beautiful morning air.