Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life Changes

Two funerals and a Wedding
That is how October has begun. My father in law (Hershel) passed away after a lengthy illness. He and my mother in law (Jean) live in West Virgina. So Rick and I took off down there to help her make the arrangements and drive her back to Ohio. Hershel had been a pastor down there for many years so first there was a service at their church, then we had him shipped up to Ohio were the family gathered and we had another service and the internment. He will be greatly missed. Rick did a great amount of driving this week with the two trips back and forth between WV and Oh. Exhaustion coupled with grief has his immune system down and he now has a bad cold. He says he is doing okay for now. Jean also claims that she is doing fine, but we plan to go back down to check on her at the end of the month when I finish the current show that I am working on.

Today we went to my nephew Levi's wedding. His bride Stephanie was beautiful. He was so handsome. The color theme was autumn so just imagine how warm and wonderful the wedding was. I had not been to the church they were married in before it was impressive to say the least. Rick said it was like the Ark turned upside down because of the shape of the very very high ceiling that accommodated the pipes for the organ. It was a lovely service and the reception was a lot of fun with lodes of family and good food and music and dancing. A great time. Congratulations again to the bride and groom also to their parents.

I am back at the office with Rick doing the clerical work for him. Our daughter who had been doing this job for several years, wants to spend this year at home with her youngest son before he starts school next year. So I am back in the office as well as working on the build for a new opera at the theater. I am doing alright with it so far. One week under my belt. Less crochet time though.

I have not even picked up a hook this week. I have been able to corresponde a bit on the crochet forums re: CGOA education committee business. That is moving right along. I am hoping Rick has a golf game tomorrow so I have the whole house quiet and I can get at the project I started on the drive to WV. I think I could have it done by days end if given the time to work on it. Here's hoping.