Friday, August 14, 2009

Scotti McDoogle

This is my puppy Scotti McDoogle. This picture is when I got him 4 months ago. He is Schnauzer. But I have wanted a Scotti Dog (Scottish Terrier) all my life so when this little pumpkin came my way he got stuck being my Scotty Dog. He keeps me company and helps me get out for the walks my knee so badly needs.

He is much bigger now and yesterday he started lifting his hind leg to go pee-pee, so today I made the terible appointment for him. He will be baking a little higher come next Tuesday. Poor baby. He is a great dog. He likes to lay on the rug beside me while I work on the computer or work on patterns. And if my yarn or hook falls to the floor he retrives it for me and actually puts it up on my lap. He is a great helper. The groomer is also coming to make him less sheep-dog like. Yea the groomer comes to me isn't that great. She does a fantastic job too. Shout Out to Gina of Thorp Pet Groomers.

Well I have sent my County Fair Entry in and don't have the Starched Doily started yet so back to he hooks I go. Have a great day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wishing I were there

Chain Link begins today.
I decided to pay on my charge cards rather than run them back up. A prudent financial decision..... probably, especially in this economic climate; but I sure do wish I were there. Today I am missing professional development day with all my favorite designers and editors and just crocheters, and the Market. Oh man all those yarns just waiting to become something wonderful..... I wish I were there. There is something to be said about a gathering of folk who share your passions. It feels as though I am missing a family reunion. I won't lament anymore about it - but wish all who are there all the best.
Have a great time and I WILL see you next year at Chain Link.

knitters and crocheters are all aflutter
they have come to share yarn passions with one another

classes for beginners and experts alike
and yarns, books and wonders in the market to try

by hook or by needle new skills there to master
testing their stitch speed as the clock ticks must faster

guild meetings with important business to complete
some new volunteers for the boards take a seat

special tributes for years of success
and a fashion show to complete all the rest

what a wonder time with wonderful friends by the mile
crocheters and knitters alike can not help but to smile

written just now for you - by little ol' me KAS