Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Frogged Project is Finished

I have finished the skirt, (mentioned several posts ago). I am even in time to send it to Chain Link. However, I will will be putting it in the design contest rather than the Fashion Show due to the deadlines. The fashion show deadline was June 30 but the Design contest isn't until July 15th. Three whole day away. I will take it to the post office in the morning and send it ' Just As Fast As It Can Go'.
I am hoping to get at least an honorable mention so that it can be in the fashion show after all. Last year my design was in because of the honorable mention.

Here are a couple pics of the designs I am sending.

The first is the skirt and the second is a scarf.

They are just close-ups because I am not sure I should post the designs yet.

You will see the whole thing after Chain Link. Good Luck to all who have entered.

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