Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Nights Gig - Yanni

Here is a pic of my backstage pass at the Yanni concert that I worked yesterday and last night. Long Long day, but getting to hear the concert was fantastic. If it comes to your city GO it was really marvelous.

I got to met Yanni in a slightly embarrassing way. It was the end of intermission and I was waiting in the hall near the stage for the lady I was working with to come along - when I yawned a weeks worth of yawn. Very unbecoming. Anyway, just then Yanni and his entourage come by and he says in passing " I hope that is not a commentary of my concert." Of course I quickly interjected "No, No, the concert is fantastic it's just been a long day." Then at the end of the evening when he passed on his way out he said good night to me. I thought that was nice as he could have walked on by and not even acknowledged me there. I appreciated that.

It was midnight before I got home and since we are at the end of the season with gigs being few and far between my body is sooo sore today. I couldn't sleep for the aches and pains so today I was glad there was nothing pressing on the agenda as I laid around all day.

I am already planning what I will work on tonight if today's lack of effort keeps me from sleeping. I have picked out a lovely brown yarn that I would like to make a fall shell with. I hope it goes together in yarn as easily as it did in my head.

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