Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jubilee Crystal Logo Design Contest Winner

Congratulation to Mary Servillo for her fantastic design for the Logo contest
In June of 1994 the very first CGOA chapter was started in Illinois. The Norther IL Chapter.
This year marks the 15th anniversery of the beginning of the CGOA. In commemoration a new pin/logo was commissioned via contest from the national body members of CGOA
The winner of the contest is Mary Servillo. Mary is from New York and is a member of the Long Island Chapter of CGOA. Congratulations again to Mary

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finished Last Show of o8/09 Season

Well the theater season is over for me until October. We just finished Legally Blonde. It was very funny and luckily none of the songs got stuck in my head. We have just one union meeting next month. I have already purged my closet of all black clothing. Give me Color!

I am working on a few WIPs, and thinking of designs for the new 'Tension' online Mag. I have some ideas that require a trip to the lYS. Always a good thing. I am also trying to finish the knit baby blanket I am making for my neice. Due in September and it is such slow going it may or may not be done by then.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Skirt in Browns

So, I did not start the summer shell yet. Instead I designed a skirt for submitting to Tension Magazine.
Tension is a brand new online magazine. This will be the first issue and it will be out in September. There is lots of talk on Ravelry if you want to check them out.They had a quick call for submissions and I whipped this one up in a week.
I had taught a class on pattern reading on Monday and the two stitch patterns that the beginners were translating got into the design. They are easy to make and look so cute in the skirt. I hope the skirt is accepted for publication. Note that I can't post a pic of the finished skirt until I have heard form them. So just a peek at the hem.

The project that I had frogged is still waiting to be finished. I won't make it in time to submit it at Chain Link but that's OK too. I will be just as I want it to be and not hurried. It is for submission to Interweave Crochet Magazine. Luckily I have time to get it just right.

I start the last gig of the season next week. We will end the season with Legally Blond. I hear it is very good and a discently hard run. I like the quick changes. They are a challenge.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Biblical History of Crochet and Other stuff

I was reading a post on crochet partners this morning and Anna shared a link to IMHO a very funny and of course mostly true accounting of the biblical history of crochet. I will share the link with you. I hope you are not offended by the authors use of the biblical platform. I believe God understands our mortal need for crochet supremacy.
Link -

I had to frog my project back 15 rows last night. Can you believe it took me that far before I saw the mistake? I could not leave the mistake as it would plague me forever, and so I ripped it all out. I was hoping to send it to Chain Link for the fashion show but at this rate it will not be ready. I guess I should get back at it and crochet real fast.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Nights Gig - Yanni

Here is a pic of my backstage pass at the Yanni concert that I worked yesterday and last night. Long Long day, but getting to hear the concert was fantastic. If it comes to your city GO it was really marvelous.

I got to met Yanni in a slightly embarrassing way. It was the end of intermission and I was waiting in the hall near the stage for the lady I was working with to come along - when I yawned a weeks worth of yawn. Very unbecoming. Anyway, just then Yanni and his entourage come by and he says in passing " I hope that is not a commentary of my concert." Of course I quickly interjected "No, No, the concert is fantastic it's just been a long day." Then at the end of the evening when he passed on his way out he said good night to me. I thought that was nice as he could have walked on by and not even acknowledged me there. I appreciated that.

It was midnight before I got home and since we are at the end of the season with gigs being few and far between my body is sooo sore today. I couldn't sleep for the aches and pains so today I was glad there was nothing pressing on the agenda as I laid around all day.

I am already planning what I will work on tonight if today's lack of effort keeps me from sleeping. I have picked out a lovely brown yarn that I would like to make a fall shell with. I hope it goes together in yarn as easily as it did in my head.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Design No loger Mine - How Nice is That!

The mornings mail brought the contract from DRG for my scarf pattern that they will publish in the January issue of Crochet! Magazine. I can hardly wait to see it in print. And also see if there were changes made to the pattern. The contract give permission to do so. The name has been changed .. It is now called 'Roses and Lace'. Very nice name. Mine was just descriptive and not at all lovely.
It is a lovely scarf if I do say so myself. I really think everyone will enjoy making it. And having it in their scarf/wrap accessories for the winter and spring. It is different - and easy.
I wish I could post a picture of it, but it is no longer mine to show. I will be sure to make a post with a link when it is available.

Moving my Yahoo 360 blog here

Yahoo is dismantling it's 360 blog as is is now. So I am trying to move the content here. I hope there is room in one posting to get it all here.
The last time I made an entry there was in October of 08.

I received two of the books I had ordered from Amazon. I am so happy to get them already. I had ordered them with another book that wasn't to come out until January so they were going to be hung up until then. But the other is now not available through Amazon. (publishing problems I think) So these came earlier than expected and I am so happy to have them.

By the way Mary Jane's "Little Black Dress" will be included on the runway at the 2009 TNNA in California. How exciting is that. Way to go Mary Jane.

More SpinningEntry for October 09,2008
I have started another spool of spinning with gray Romney wool. I am making it real thin. About the same thickness as sport weight by the time it is plied. (I hope). I am surprised that a finished spool has fewer yards than you would think. The hat took two spools of wool and I plied it with a skein of eyelash that I picked up at BigLots called "Knitting".

If I get two spool of the Romney I will ply them together. I really like spinning. But I find I NEED to make something out of it straight away. If I could be patient maybe I could accumulate enough to make a larger project.
Here is the Hat Entry October 09.2008

I finished the hat from my first spinning attempt. The yarn was a bit lumpy and thick in a few places but we will just call it specialty yarn and let it go at that. The colored bit is from a braid of roving I picked up at a yarn shop last summer. I had just liked having the braid hanging around but spinning it was way cool.
The band is just a piece of lace that was laying around, with a broach, (from BigLots), stuck in it. I will crochet a proper band when I find a yarn I like for it. The lace is ok for now.
Entry for October 01,2009
I am terrible at keeping on top of blogging. I have my irons in so many fires that I can't keep track.

A couple weekends ago (Sept. 20/21) was the local fiber festival. Or guild always has a booth to teach crochet and we sell a few things to make booth rental. While taking a look around I came upon a spinning wheel for sale for $275. Long story short, it is now mine.
I have been spinning for the past couple day and today did the plying and started a hat with my very first skein of made by my hand yarn. I plan to felt it when it is done.

I start back at the theater today. First play is an opera. 'Turnadot'. I get to be on the build. (making costumes).

I hope to do better with this blog.

Entry for August 21, 2008

Vashti Braha modeling my Ribbons and Lace Skirt. 2008 Chain Link conference in Manchester NH Worked in Grandma's Best #10 cotton and Lion Brand Trellis Yarn.

Myra Woods Modeling my Disco Challenge Outfit. 2008 Chain Link conference in Manchester NH. Leg warmers, Mini Skirt, Halter Top, Tam and Bag. Worked in Red Heart Worsted Weight, and Bernet Disco Yarns.

Thank you both for making my designs look so good.

Thursday August 21, 2008 - 06:47pm


What I've been up to lately.

I have been busy the last couple months getting things ready for Chain Link. I had 3 items in the design contest and then the Disco Challenge which I posted about earlier. That was 6 pieces to do and it was a big hit at the fashion show. Myra Woods modeled it and got cat calls galore. Plus project Linus squares and projects to teach at the guild meetings. The skirt above was in the design contest and took an Honorable Mention which got it into the fashion show. It got a big green ribbon and I have been waiting for it be returned by mail but it still has not arrived. Vashti Braha modeled it in the fashion show and loved it's 'twirling' properties. I was tickled that these two ladies modeled my designs. I worked back stage at the fashion show helping get everyone out on time. I had a great time. The classes were very good and I met so many people I can hardly keep track.

Now I have gone and gotten myself on the Education Committee for CGOA. I expect to be extraordinarily busy.

I hope to keep on top of this blog a little better but I am also trying to build a website where I may move all this into. Don't know yet.

I joined a knitting group. I took a free lesson in NH and got my self reacquainted with the needles. And since all that is required of me at these meetings is to knit, I am loving it. I'm working on a scarf as my first project and I will work on it only during these meetings (twice a month for 2 hrs.) It may take me a while but there is no need to hurry. I like that a lot.

I won't have entries in the county fair this year as they are still in the care of some CGOA person who has not mailed them back yet. But just watch that stress run off my back. No biggy- I will have that weekend free. Unless the call of the sugar waffles draw me to the fair grounds.

Thursday August 21, 2008 - 06:41pm (EDT


Crochet in Public - Entry for June 15, 2008

Yesterday was Crochet or Knit in Public Day. Our local ladies met at 2nd street market for what I am sure was a wonderful event. If there are pictures available I will add them.
But, I went to two graduations this weekend. My sons from Sinclair and my future daughter in Laws for Wright State. So I crocheted there.
I hope you were able to do some crocheting in public as well.

Sunday June 15, 2008 - 07:14pm (EDT)

CGOA Design Contest

I mailed off my entry for the CGOA design contest yesterday. Sent them over night as the dead line is tomorrow. I hope they do better than the last contest I entered. I believe these will be seen at Chain Link even if they do not win the contest.
I also sent my fashion show entry.
Now I am crocheting for pleasure. It is so nice.

Thursday June 12, 2008 - 11:55am (EDT)


Entry for May 24, 2008

I was catching up on my emails and on the crochet group there was a lot of chatter about Doris Chan's new book so of course I went right over to Amazon to check it out. And while there I bought two new books

Everyday Crochet: Wearable Designs Just for You" by Doris Chan
Sensual Crochet: Luxurious Yarns, Alluring Designs" by Amy Swenson

Now it's not like I'm short on patterns or anything. I just can't resist adding wonderful crochet books to my library. I plan to work on projects from these for Christmas as the last ones I ordered will not arrive until 09.
And I won't have long to wait as the shipping date is May 29.

PS. Is it just me or does the sweater on Amy's Sensual Crochet cover and the sweater on MaryJane Hall's Positively Crochet cover - look like cousins?


Won't get my new MJ Hall book until January

I pre-ordered Mary Jane's New book "Crochet That Fits" from Amazon, and was anticipating working on some of the patterns in the fall (September release date) for Christmas gifts but after I placed the order I saw that one of the books I had ordered was not coming out until Jan. And I had marked send them together so the Shipping estimate date is January 12, 2009 I am so disappointed.

I will be envying all of you who get yours in Sept. But do enjoy them.

Here's what I ordered.

· 1 of: Crochet That Fits: Shaped Fashions Without Increases or Decreases
By Mary Jane Hall

· 1 of: Blueprint Crochet: Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter
by Robyn Chachula

· 1 of: Crochet Master Class
by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss

I can hardly wait to get them.

Thursday May 15, 2008 - 07:35pm (EDT)


Talk Radio on the internet

A Friend - I met her last year at the TNNA conference in Columbus- Mary Beth Temple, who happens to be the author of "The Secret Language of Knitters" has a new internet talk radio show. I really enjoyed listening to her first broadcast. She and her guests talk yarn-fiber-knit-and crochet. Something for everyone.
Check her out at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Mary-Beth-Temple

Thursday April 24, 2008 - 01:11pm (EDT)

Disco Leg Warmers are Finished

Here is a pic of the Leg Warmers. I really like this pattern it was really fast to do, even with adding the fuzzy yarn on top. Yes On Top, there is no fuzzy stuff against the body anywhere in these patterns. That would just be cruel to whoever were to wear them. This finishes all the parts of the out fit. The skirt is finished as well but as I am putting the outfit in the fashion show at Chain Link I what some thing unrevealed to present. So afterwords I will post a pic of the whole outfit.

Monday April 21, 2008 - 09:12am (EDT)

Disco Yarn Halter Top Complete

The halter top is finished and now I am half way done with the mini skirt.

Tuesday April 8, 2008 - 10:22am (EDT)

Disco Yarn Challenge Tam Complete

The tam is complete. Now I am going to tackle a halter top (a modest one of course). I have a really cool idea, I just hope I can make the yarn do what I want it to.


Disco Yarn Challenge Project 1 Complete

Post 2.- The first project is done. It just needs a hairy little dog in it to be complete.

Project 2 is under way - It is a hat. I will call it hat 1 because I want to make a hairy cap as well. Will post pics as soon as possible.

Tuesday April 1, 2008 - 05:09pm (EDT)

Disco Yarn Challenge

For National Crochet Month, this past Saturday (3/29/08) - our Guild, (Greater Dayton Crochet Guild ) and a neighboring Guild (Southwestern Ohio Crochet Guild), had a get together. We had a great time. Our thanks again to Karen and Cathy for all their hard work and effort putting this together for us.
At the end Cathy offered a challenge to anyone interested in taking it on. A Disco Yarn Challenge.
A year or so ago this yarn was offered free by Bernat to anyone who requested it as a marketing test. It didn't go over well and was discontinued. Well Cathy had several skeins she had collected and now placed this gantlet in front of us to design something using the Disco yarn.

I accepted the challenge and will keep a post here of how it is going.

1st post. On the way home I called my DH who was at work near our LYS, and asked him to pick up some wool for me. He was apprehensive about my liking what he picked out but he called when he got there and got over the phone advice as he went. He picked out some Lion Brand Wool in cocoa, and Lion Brand Wool prints. So I got started Saturday night.

I did some swatches to felt to see how the color combinations would look with the Disco. And decided I would put some Wool Ease Chestnut (that won't felt) with it. ( left over form daughters' afghan) I like this swatch, so now I am off with the first design.
For now I can say it is a bag with disco as a accent. I will post it soon.

I am brain storming disco clothing, from the era ya know. I have several ideas and if I can get them done in time I would love to have them in the fashion show at Chain Link in Manchester NH in July. I will need a model! (I am an xl and this will be s-m) So if you are going and are interested in modeling at the fashion show let me know.


Daughters' Afghan Finished

This is the Afghan I had been working on for my daughter. I had her pick out a couple stitches she likes and color of wool-ease and I was off. I used a basket weave and a spike stitch. Then bordered each set of 2 squares with kind of a log cabin (quilting) technique. It is turned out very nicely.

Entry for February 18, 2008

I have been working with some pretty neat stitches lately. I made myself a scarf using some silk/linen yarn I got last year. Beautiful stuff, pastel variegated in blues oranges and yellows, but I had no idea what to make with just the one skein so of course a scarf. And for myself as well. I used an alternating stitch combination. The dimension it gives to the scarf is really interesting. It looks as though there are two pieces stuck together or that you work two pieces simultaneously. It looks way cool. When my son (20-something) saw it he ASKED for one in blue. Way cool. He "sports" it gladly. The above pic is a close up of his scarf.

I have also been making an afghan for my daughter(30-something) I had her pick out a couple stitches she likes and color of wool-ease and I was off. I am using a basket weave and a spike stitch. It is turning out very nicely. I ran out of one of the boarder colors and have to wait for more to arrive from Jo-Ann's on line. When it is complete I will post a pic.

We learned how to do the illusion crochet stitch at our January Guild meeting. It is really interesting, like working a puzzle. The result is astonishing. I am going to try my hand at designing a pattern using this technique. Wish me lots of luck.

While waiting for more yarn for the afghan to arrive I pulled out some acrylic that I picked up at Big-Lots. Its from Turkey and is called Twirl. It is a light blue wrapped in a dark blue. I like the look but I was working a pattern with interesting stitches which were not seen past the look of the yarn. So of course I ripped it out and re-worked it using basic stitches sc, hdc, and dc. In the front loop only as otherwise it gets too bulky. I am making a cape.

Well that is what I have been doing in my crochet world of late. See you soon.

Entry for January 01, 2008
Crochet Happy New Year
One & All

With hooks held high we cheer it in
Give your crochet a celebratory spin
We welcome in The coming year

With anticipation of visits to lys so near

To indulge our yas as our stash grows higher
and more worthy of the projects not yet designed.
2008 is the year for all to participate

in yarn and thread projects both big and small
pull out that hook and just have a ball.
And hears to heart felt greetings as we celebrate

Entry for December 14, 2007

Time for a Poem

Stitching for the holidays
not enough time do do it all
most of the gifts I planned are
still wound upon the ball.
Yarns of every type and gauge
waiting to be looped ,
beaded, knitted or hooked
and made into fashions all the rage.
If I start all a new this week perhaps
by Christmas next
All will be completed and I can

take a nap.

Entry for December 06, 2007

Autumn leaves adorn the ground
and winds sweet spirit all around.
Coming frosts and winters chill
usher in cold seasons thrill.
Snows will abound with red noses and ears,
accompanying slay rides
and snowball battles, complete with victors cheers.
Happy giggles and sneaking peeks
at packages wrapped in bright
papers and ribbons, both provocative and sleek.

Meals shared with good friends old and new,
family smiles and happy hearts

pay homage in gratitude for freedoms
and valors and the giving arts.

By KAS 2007


Friendship Candle Entry for October 14, 2007

A friend sent an email with this eternal flame friendship candle and the wish that it be kept burning by forwarding it on. I do not forward. So I am placing it here for all my friends and family and those who take a peek at this blog.

May God bless and keep you and yours. May dear friendships alway be close to your heart.


County Fair Ribbons Entry for September 24, 2007

I had 8 crochet entries in the Montgomery County Fair. I received 6 ribbons; 4 blue (first place),and 2 red (second place).

Our Local Crochet Guild took a total of 23 ribbons. There are pictures of them all on our web site http://www.daytoncrochet.bravehost.com

Monday September 24, 2007 - 10:32am (EDT)


What has been a happen'in

It has been such a long time since I wrote in this blog. Had already deleted some posts, as I want to devote it more to the art of crochet and less to what is happening in my life. Which has be very hectic of late.

I am busy designing. I have actually sent in a few patterns. No news as to them yet but I have zillions more in my head. Now if I can only get them off my hook.

I was fortunate to get to attend the TNNA show in Columbus Ohio. I had such a great time and met so many designers and publishers. I also met with mills and got a few free samples of yarns to work with. There is one in particular that I plan to post here as soon as I finish the project. I was really impressed with them.
Much more on Crochet to come.

Entry for April 19, 2007
I have been trying to catch up on my crochet wips (works in progress). I have a poncho, 2 shawls, 1 beaded necklace, 2 Afghans, 1 1/2 socks, and a fashion doll dress design that I would like to finish by the end of the month. These are the unfinished projects from just this last winter. Then I need to dig deep in the mound for the oldest wips and try to finish them as well. I have a thread bedspread that I promised to my youngest daughter before her wedding. She is now the mother of 2. The oldest starts school this fall. I should get busy on

that one. LOL. I absolutely must finish the beaded necklace and at least one sock, as these are for the next guild meeting on the 7th of May.

At the theater I am dressing the ladies in Jesus Christ Super Star. It is a really easy show. I get to work on mending the costumes and we all know I love to do that so I am happy with the gig. Next week the local ballet will present The Who's- Tommy. No word as of yet as to how many dressers will be needed for that. It is the last dresser gig of the season, so I hope I get to be on it. Shows start again in September. It will be another short run season. Not enough work to go around. Which leaves lots to crochet time. Can't beat that.


YEAH Me ! Entry for March 07, 2007

I am officially patting myself on the back .
I received my Masters of Thread Crochet Certificate in the mail. YEAH ME.....

I am so very happy to once again have my thread crochet portfolio back. This body of work took a year to complete and I was really sweating having it out of my own hands.

I am also so geeked that they used my portfolio to set the standard for grading the course. I have been told that I am the first person to pass the CGOA Masters of Thread Course. How Cool is that. I have been asked if I am willing to be interviewed for a future article. OH Yeah.

It is really more of a Test than a Course. As there are no helps, only instructions to make this or that. Sometimes only a picture to go by without any instructions and some of these were antique Celtic patterns. I was really flying by the seat of my pants and actually learned a great deal from comments in the portfolio review. My hat goes off to the Education Committee especially to B. J. Licko-Keel who took the time to develop the grading template. She is a true MASTER of Thread Crochet and I plan to learn much from her.

Note: I did not make the doily in the above picture. BUT I CAN and I have the Certificate to prove it. PAT PAT PAT
Have a great day and crochet something.



New Hat and Scarf Design Entry for January 11, 2007

Here is a new hat and scarf pattern That I designed last night. Unfortunately I just worked straight through rather than writing it all down as I went. Big job ahead of me deciphering it from the finished project. I have the hat figured out but I can't see the beginning chain of the scarf so I don't know how many chains I began with. I may just work another and write it as I go. Would probably be best.
See the blanket I used as background. That is the baby blanket I made for Robby when he was still cooking away in my tummy, 22 years ago! It is still in great shape.


Happy 2007 Everyone!
I hope you all arrived safely home after partying last evening. Rick and I stayed in and watched the ball drop via Dick Clark's Rocking New Year program.
Well I just heard the timer go off so I should get back in the kitchen and fix the pulled pork.

But first a little New-Years poem is called for.
I hope you like.


We make our resolutions
Which we will shoot down-without a thought.
We make plans to do things better.
Then drop them on the spot.
So this year, 2-007
Covertly strive to be
The best; friend, spouse, sibling, child
Who ever there was to be.

We may not get much thinner,
no cat suits for to wear
We may not gain an extra dime.
Casino Royal - not for us - but we do not care.
Our clutter may still always great us.
No Ms Moneypenny to keep us all aware.
But we can look at it and smile.
If in this year, 2-007
We covertly pledge to live with
Kindness and understanding,
if only for just a little while.

Written just now; Just for you; By little ol' me

Happy 2-007 Ya'll


County Fair Pics 1

This is the Crochet Stuff in the fair. The hat/purse/corset took a second place ribbon. The Sweater took a second place ribbon. The potholders took a second place ribbon. Then the #10 thread projects - Tablecloth and curtain each took first place. yeah.

I will put up another with the costume I entered.


Frogging - the act of riiippping out crochet stitches.

There was a little froggy, it croaked and croaked and croaked

It was my pulling gently on the stitches on its row.

The project was not pretty. Not pleasing, not at all.

So I pulled the yarn and heard the RIP RIP RIP of the little frog.

There was a little froggy, it croaked and croaked and croaked

And when it finished croaking there was no project- non at all.

(created by me just now for you) KAS

Monday August 28, 2006 - 04:22pm (EDT)


CAL Pic 1 August 22, 2006

I finally took a picture of my tote progress. This is the bottom. Instructions for the sides come yesterday and I plan to start them this afternoon. I also have a pic of the progress on my hodgpodge. But I will have to put that pic in another entry as I can only put one on each. Bites.

Well this is what it looks like and I am enjoying working on it.

See ya on the boards

Tuesday August 22, 2006 - 01:47pm (EDT)


Tote CAL Begins Monday August 21, 2006 - 08:48am (EDT)

CAL is Crochet A Long. I am participating in the CGOA CAL2. So far I have Wk. 1 -collected my supplies, Wk2-made my gauge swatch, Wk3-and made the 1st part of the project. The next step should be up on the boards today. I can hardly wait to get it.

We are using hemp to make a tote. I looked high and Lowe's for it, then went to Joann's Fabrics. I could not find it ther e either. So, I ask the manager. His reply. "We don't carry drugs here Ma'am". I can't believe he called me Ma'am. LOL. He was so deadpan in his remark I could not tell if he was serious or not. I finally found it at Michael's. A little on the pricey side but the new fiber was the reason I wanted to participate in this CAL. So I bit and I sure hope I like the outcome.
I'll take a pic and add it so that you can see the progress.

If you happen to be a member of the CGOA join us in this CAL. Info is on the boards memberCGOA@yahoo group.

Time for a poem Monday August 14, 2006 - 08:09pm (EDT)

Stitch a Little Thread or Twine
Stitch, Stitch, Stitch, a little thread or twine.
Hook and loop, or casting on and off.
Stitch, Stitch, Stitch, yarn, or silk, or vine.
Busy hands making stuff that's homey or divine.
Spectators stare in awe and glee; but never with a scoff.

(created by me just now for you) KAS


Entry for August 03, 2006

I am working hard on the crochet items for the WoolGathering . I have several bags and scarves to contribute. I am well on my way on the squares for the Member Fall Square Swap.

I got my new crochet book in the mail the other day. It is called Hooks-Only Crochet From Start to Finish. It is very nice. There are five patterns in it by one of the ladies in our local crochet guild (Greater Dayton Crochet Guild ). Her name is Mary Jane Hall. Way to go Mary Jane. I recommend everyone run right out and get this book. I ordered mine
from Annie's Attic and have it already. On Amazon it will not be available until mid September. But it is less costly there.

Be sure to drop in at the Montgomery County Fair. I will have a few crochet designs entered in it. Most of the pics in my album are going to the Fair then the wool gathering. Take a peek at them while they are still mine.

Entry for July 26, 2006

Another day. Another stitch.
I finished the pinwheel square last evening. I had a bit of a problem with translating the first edging row but then I charted it out and it worked just fine. Now I have to go shopping for more yarn. This will be in fall colors as I plan to use this pattern for the 'Fall Square Exchange' at our local guild. I am itching to get at it. But of course as it is Wed. 9:00am I am at the office. Not a lot to do this morning so I get to blog a bit. But shopping and stitching will have to wait.

One of our local Hancock Fabric Stores is closing and selling everything even fixtures. I have been there three times already. No yarn left there. (A lot of it is at my houseImage) But it is not what I want for the these squars so it is a shopping we will go. ...

"Hodge Podge "
I started a piece just for myself last evening. (Not usually done.) I am using up all my ends and half skeins. I am making a throw I will call "Hodge Podge " . I am randomly adding what comes to hand in what ever position takes my fancy. It is like building a crazy quilt one stich at a time. It will be my take along piece for car travel and the like. I will post pic as it comes along.

Oceans of Green
Oceans of green and blue wool wrapping around eager hook. The perfect pattern translated by skill and patience. The warmth that will result brings the creator a since of humbleness. The gift of an afghan lifts the spirits of the receiver.