Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Post on Blogger

Hi all you wonderful yarn enthusiasts,

This is the first post of my new blog. I will be transferring some of the posts from Yahoo 360 as soon as I figure out how to do that. I am so glad to be here with you all. I plan to blog about all things tactile. I love to crochet and am becoming reacquainted with knitting. I have purchased Annie's Attic's tatting tutorial and hope to make my way through that soon. I have a beautiful loom which is in storage at the moment as we are remodeling. And just this last summer I acquired a fantastic spinning wheel and yesterday finished the last of my first bag of roving. After plying it made 16 ounces of yarn. The first two spools I made into a hat and the rest I am saving for adding to a weaving.

I am also endeavoring to set up a web site for myself using bravenet.com. I have not decided what all I want on the site yet so it is moving along pretty slowly. I am thinking of selling some of my patterns rather than offering them for publication. I am disillusioned with the time it takes from submission to publication.

I did have my first pattern accepted this past November 08 for a magazine, but as that issue will come out in September of 09 I have yet to received the contract or you know the important part the doe ray mi. And I can't even tell you yet who bought it or what it is, so the bragging rights diminish with the transfer of the pattern. I will say that you will enjoy making the project and some may learn a new technique as it is a small amount of work in a technique that might otherwise intimidate the advanced beginner.
I have submitted some scarves for the next issue and now kind of hope they are not accepted as I have several scarf patterns and want to self publish a book of hats and scarves. I think the submitted ones are the coolest ones and would really make the book stand out. We will see soon if they are accepted :}

I am also on Ravelry as
I am trying to be more active over there but computer time takes away from crocheting time. Which I should get back to.